RJ Says – 2012 Anaheim 1 Supercross, Phoenix Supercross preview

Rick Johnson is a seven time AMA Motocross / Supercross Champion. 1984, ’86, ’88 AMA 250 National MX Champion. 1987, ’88 500cc National Motocross Champion. 1986, ’88 AMA Supercross Series Champion.

The first race of the 2012 season has come and gone. I’ll share with you my opinion on the top guys in the 450 class, the 250 West winner, and what I’d work on if I was racing in Phoenix Round 2.

Ryan Villopoto – I feel Ryan came ready to race. He picked up right where he left off last year. He looks better than I anticipated, as I thought he might come in a bit over confident. If you judge it by this first race, he’s in a class by himself.

Source: http://www.supercross.com/rj-says/rj-says-2012-anaheim-1-supercross-phoenix-supercross-preview

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